Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jepara Furniture Mahogany Jasmine Chair

Jepara Furniture Jasmine Chair 

Jepara Furniture Jasmine chair is proudly designed by Jepara carpenter inspired by the beauty of jasmine flower. This type of chair is highly produced due to the massive demand from Europe. This is weird since this chair was highly demanded by American for so long. 

I think this is a shift of market from USA to Europe. Further, jasmine chair is made of mahogany furniture. Mahogany is known for making furniture in neoclassic design. Thus, this is very interesting since the design looks very professional reflecting high art and skill of craftsman from the biggest cluster of Indonesian furniture industry, which is Jepara. 
For us to know, the mahogany for making this model is not as strong as teak garden furniture or indoor teak furniture. However, this model is worth a look for the user of Indonesian furniture.